School Build Programme

We are currently undertaking a £1.7M extension to enable us increase our capacity by 100 pupils. Images from the architects plans are presented below along with answers to questions parents have asked in relation to this exciting development.

Why does the school need these additional classrooms?
New housing developments in our local market towns sees us needing to expand to meet additional demand. By 2020-2025 our school is forecast to require a further 100 spaces, up from the current 595 pupils. We will ensure this is carefully managed to retain the high achieving, family atmosphere of the current school environment.

Our outstanding results and local reputation also mean we have experienced a steady increase in children applying who live out of our catchment area. Demand for school places from out of catchment families has in recent years exceeded our capacity. Currently 32% of our pupils are drawn from outside catchment.

How will the £1.7M be raised?
The project has been costed to be deliverable within a budget of £1.7M. Within that the refurbishment of the science laboratory has been costed at £90K.

North Yorkshire County Council have agreed a loan for the school which is repayable over 15 years. However, we hope that successful fundraising will help to significantly reduce the loan amount and repayment period.

When will building work begin?
Work began in mid-June. We hope to complete the works by late January 2018.
Why is an additional science lab needed?
The school is currently one science classroom short as there are four laboratories but five groups. Having five classrooms will enable all five groups to undertake practical work at any one time.
What other refurbishments are being undertaken?
On the first floor, another two small classrooms, currently used for history and modern foreign languages, will be converted to a new art room. Another art room will be created from an adjoining modern foreign languages room. This will transform the layout of the school by grouping teaching areas by subject thus improving organisation and efficiency.
What subjects will the new classrooms be used for?
The new classrooms will provide a focus for Humanities teaching. There will be two history, geography, modern foreign languages and english rooms plus one for theory elements of practical subjects (PE/drama/dance).
Will any playing fields be lost by this development?
No playing fields will be lost by this development though the geography prefab will be removed.
Will the school be undertaking any fundraising to help pay for the build?
Yes, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are working organising fundraising events, including the Ryedale Rumble cycle sportive in 2018 and have applied to a variety of foundations and trusts – we have been delighted to have recieved substantial support from the Wolfson Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation. We welcome any parents, alumni and friends of the school to get in touch with any fundraising proposals.