Why are we fundraising for Ryedale School?

Quick heads up for you about the cause that monies raised from the 2018 Ryedale Rumble will support.

The team behind the resurrection of this great sportive are all members of Friends of Ryedale School. We’re parents, teachers and staff who are all dedicated to supporting our school. Last year the decision was made to increase the school roll by 100 students to take us up to around 700, still a small school but one that with local growth and increasing out of catchment needs to expand.

Hence new classrooms and improved facilities.

New buildings at Ryedale School

North Yorkshire County Council has provided a 15-year loan for the full amount however every penny fundraised helps us avoid lengthy loan and interest payments. Following North Yorkshire experiencing some of the largest school funding cuts in the country, but by sustainably increasing our pupil numbers through the expansion we thus avoid inevitable staffing cuts, deficit and subject reduction if we were to continue at our current pupil numbers – as well as offering our pupils a significantly enhanced learning environment.

We’re delighted to have received funding from the Wolfson and Garfield Weston Foundations but events such as the Ryedale Rumble will provide an invaluable annual income. We’re sure it will be successful next year and we are all geared up to make it an annual event from then on.

Find out more about the school build programme.

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