What a day!

After weeks of unbroken sunshine we woke up to grey skies, high winds and rain – it was forecast but we were hoping against hope they’d got it wrong. We had 260 booked but understandably quite a few must have taken a look at the forecast and stayed in bed.

For those who did come along however the Rumble will surely remain long in the memory.

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We’re there – 259 riders!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for one of the routes of the Ryedale Rumble – all 259 of you, yes we’ve exceeded our target!

Today four teams have been out putting out the signage and crossed fingers it is still there when we check it before 7.00am in the morning.

Headquarters is Ryedale School and looking good:

Ryedale Rumble HQ - the day before

Ryedale Rumble HQ - the day before

The feed station teams are all ready – we’ll need those gazebo’s by the look of it – hopefully it won’t be too windy!

Our mechanic Ben set up his gazebo at HQ this evening and will be ready to help out at 6.30am for any last minute tweaks, then he’ll be on the route.

Did you know we’re making a film of tomorrow? A shame that it looks like the sun isn’t going to be around very much but Polly and her team will capture some great moments that we’ll all enjoy looking back on.

So that’s it – we’ll sign off now so we can get an early night and look forward to posting lots of photos of tomorrow’s big day at the very earliest opportunity.

Will we get to 250 riders??

Just checked on British Cycling who are handling all our entries and we’re at 240!

Our dream target has always been 250 but this being our first year our team, if they were honest, would have been delighted with 150-200 – so we’re over the moon to be where we are today.

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A week to go!

Driving to Malton this morning I saw more than the usual number of cyclists out and about. Of course the weather is wonderful but I did wonder how many were getting their training in for the Ryedale Rumble this time next week!

205 riders signed up

Yes, we’ve gone over 200 and we’re delighted!

For our first year we didn’t really know what to expect but certainly this kind of response was what we were hoping for. British Cycling, who have been a tremendous help, are likewise thrilled with the numbers, especially with so many other events taking place at this time of the year.

Who knows we may even get to 250 as we are accepting applications until Saturday online and even on the day, though will only be able to take cash payments.

Just hope the temperatures drop a little before next weekend.

Behind the scenes work

The work continues getting everything ready for the 2018 Ryedale Rumble!!

One key job is route marking so last Saturday our event director Lizzie was out all day plotting and photographing all the locations for the signs.

Lizzie photographing all the locations for signs

Luckily she had her family with her so they managed to squeeze in a picnic amongst all the stopping and starting but it was a long day driving over 100 miles!

The work didn’t end when Lizzie got home either. There will be four teams going out the day before to put up all the signs, each will have their own folder with all the sign locations identified both on a route map and with a photograph, just to make sure.

Lizzie hard at work creating the route folders

It’s this kind of attention to detail that we hope will make the Ryedale Rumble, though a challenge, an enjoyable and safe experience for all our riders. Next year of course it will be so much easier!

Huge thanks to Lizzie and co.